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2-Tier Organizer

With Slide-out Drawers and Dividers 


I know I can't be the only one with giant pantry shelves and teeny tiny snack food.  Add that to hungry, vertically challenged children and you have yourself a real predicament.  I'm telling you, these deep, wire shelves were just not doing the trick.  For a while, I improvised with creative stacking and random Gladware containers (which are useful, don't get me wrong, but not conducive to pantry organization).  I searched and searched, mostly on Amazon, but also at local stores, for the perfect pantry bins.  I came across these beauties on Amazon.com and took a chance!  Turns out they are perfect for snack organization and easy enough for the kids to help themselves.  I want to order more to use under my bathroom sinks!  Check these bins out!

-Reviewed by MomSoldier, February 2021 


Let me just say, this little item has been a game changer for me.  I was always curious about air fryers, but couldn't quite get my husband on board...he was skeptical, to say the least, and didn't think they were worth the $$.  In swooped my mom and, low and behold, she had been wondering about them, too! How convenient for me!  She got one immediately and, because I was living with my parents at the time, I reaped all the benefits.  I started with veggies...I'm talking: sweet potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, broccoli....ALL of the broccoli...and so much more. I'm a plant eater, (I do like an occasional portion of meat!) and a quick, tasty way to cook my veggies is essential.  By quick, I mean, at least half the time it takes to roast in the oven.  For example, quarter-inch diced sweet potatoes take roughly 35-40 minutes in the oven (400 degrees) to get that delicious, crispy outer layer.  In the air fryer, they're crisp on the outside and tender in the middle in just 15-20 minutes.  Any veggie (fresh or frozen) with a olive oil, salt and pepper and I'm set!  The air fryer allows all the extra oil to drip through the crisper plate and settle in the bottom of the drawer, so it doesn't make its way to your plate.  Oh, and its easy to clean!  Wipe out drawer and crisper plate insert with warm, soapy water or put the whole drawer in the dish washer.  The latter method just doesn't work out for me since I use it so often;)  As I said before, I eat mostly veggies, but I have made delicious, crispy chicken wings, tender and juicy chicken breast cutlets and juicy bratwurst.  I even use the air fryer for frozen chicken nuggets, corndogs and small pizzas for the kids!  So, if you're looking for a quick, easy way to make your time in the kitchen really count, this is the appliance for you!

-Reviewed by MomSoldier, February 2021 

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